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Für die Künstler, von den Künstlern und durch die Künstler.
Pour les artistes, des artistes et par les artistes.
Para los artistas, de los artistas, y por los artistas.

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Matt Dancey replied to Mike Butler's discussion 99 Ways to Market Your Art
"Really informative, I learned a couple new ways to market my art. Thanks Mike, good post!"
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"Very interesting read. Thx!"
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Two Icons (diptych)
2014, oil on canvas, 36" x 48" (two 36" x 24" canvases)
Apr 8

A social network for artists, and friends of artists, in the Durham Region of Ontario


Pickering’s Wendy Bermingham was born to make art

(My January 2014 artist profile for Metroland Media)


Wendy Bermingham says she came out of the womb an artist. She was displaying precocious artistic ability by the age of three; and she recalls that making drawings around the family home in Aurora is among her very…

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Current Activity

Since the latter half of 2012 through all of 2013,  my disability became so painfully unmanageable it very nearly brought me to a total standstill. At a loss on how to proceed I reached out through LinkedIn to my fellow artists for help & received many helpful replies. Most notably was Mr. Robert Parkins, esteemed Freelance Nature Artist, Horticulturist & Illustrator with detailed suggestions…

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